Types of Essay and Importance in Students Life

Posted on 2020-Nov-04

Types of Essay and Importance in Students Life>

Types of Essay and It's Importance in Students Life

The essay is one of the most crucial parts of education. Every student has to play the role of essay writer in their school or college life. They have to start with elementary ones. With the flow of time, the level of the essay increases.

In the education system, essay writing plays a significant role as it gives a student a chance to explore some more than his courses. It provides an opportunity for student to express their feelings and the view and perception of anything. For an essay, students have to explore the field of that topic. Then they get the choice of whether they want to copy the thinking of others or make up their perception.

Types of Essay

When students have to write an essay on some serious topics other than my family, my teachers, my town, etc., then students have to know about the essay writing, it's type and tone.

There are mainly four types of essay writing.

1.Narrative Essay

In this type, the essay writer focuses on telling the story. The story can be based on real-life events or imaginary. It can be any minor part of the protagonist with small but essential experience.

2.Descriptive Essay

In this type of writing, the writer tries to fill the soundings or the event. The writer can try to focus on some famous structures or landmarks to clear the surrounding. Such as an essay writer in the UK can try to include the Eye of London or the Two tower Bridge or the Madam Tushad Museum. 

3.Expository Essay

In this type of essay, the writer focuses on real facts, more than the story part. This type of essay is generally famous in the news circular groups. Here, the writer has to put the maximum amount of data in the well-structured paragraphs.

4.Argumentative Essay

In this type of essay, the writer tries to convince the reader by his perspective. Generally, this type of writing can be seen in the editorial section of the newspapers.

Importance of Essay Writing

As mentioned above, it is the chance to explore the topics not included in the curriculum. This way, students can explore and expand their knowledge. This exploration can help them to see the world and its practices. Such as if they are writing about any country, then they can find out their living style, language, and culture. As the essay writer in the UK decides to write about history, then he/she can include the part of colonization and the rise of royalty.


Essay writing may seem boring for students. Still, the fact is, if they write it in a correct manner, it has the potential to widen their keyhole of the perception. It helps them to generate critical thinking which could be used to their advantage in their future. It can be a part of literature, but it is a kind of personality development curriculum. These small practices leas to define the character of that child.