What are the main elements that one studies under Agroecology?

Posted on 2020-Nov-01

What are the main elements that one studies under Agroecology?>

What are the main elements that one studies under Agroecology?

Agroecology, one of the major part s of global response amidst the climate of instability,

offers a very different way to meet the demand of food today. It is said to be an important

approach that helps to apply the concepts and knowledge of ecology and society that can

later be designed to manage food and various other systems of agriculture. It increases and

improves the interaction between the animals, plants and humans along with the

environment keeping the societal aspects in mind.


With such a definite subject to study upon, the students get all engrossed in the

understanding each and every aspect that can later be used to prevent food shortage. Under

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Ten elements towards a successful Agroecology

The best ten elements that each and every student is taught about the under the course

code of the same is as follows


1. Diversity

It is referred to as the key element that ensures the transitions in the process of

ensuring food security and conserving, enhancing and protecting the resources that

come in naturally.

2. Sharing and creating knowledge

To increase the innovations in the field of agriculture, co-creating the processes are a


3. Synergies

With the help is Synergies, one can function with the best across the food systems

and increase ecosystem services.

4. Efficiency

This element helps to innovate the practice involved in agroecological activities that

produce more with minimal resources.

5. Recycling

With more and more ways to recycle, agriculture and its production gets lower

economic and environmental cost.


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