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Analysis of Requirements and UCD (CSI_4_RAU)

Analysis of Requirements and UCD (CSI_4_RAU)
Modelling Part of the Assignment
This part of the assignment is a UML modelling exercise. You will be assessed on your ability to
construct UML diagrams (using Visual Paradigm) that capture the stakeholders’ requirements as
expressed in a short scenario. You need to create and submit a report.
Your tutor will assign you a scenario that you need to analyse and extract the requirements from.
Each scenario gives an indication of who the users are and what they can do by using the software.
Think of these descriptions as an initial fact-finding meeting with the clients. Therefore, some finer
details may be missing. For this reason, you should highlight any ambiguous areas or issues and
make assumptions where appropriate, clearly stating this in your report.
Your job is to capture those requirements using UML tools (diagrams, tables etc.) and text (narrative).
Unlike in real-life you cannot ask questions of the stakeholders. You should imagine that the purpose
of your report is to capture what was said at the initial meeting.
The main area* of your report should consist of the following:
? A stakeholder Identification Table + Stakeholder Onion Diagram + supporting narrative
? A set of User Stories for each stakeholder in the scenario + supporting narrative if needed
? A Use Case Diagram (or one diagram for each user) + supporting narrative
? 2 Use Case Descriptions developed for selected, more complex Use Cases
? 2 Activity Diagrams developed for the Use Case Descriptions + supporting narrative if needed
? A Domain Class Diagram + supporting narrative if needed
You must present your work in the following manner:
? Title page (containing the course, the module name, the assignment title including your
scenario title, your tutor name, your data number & your full name) followed by a content page
? Structure the report appropriately (introduction, main area with all the required parts*)
? Captions for all figures (tables, diagrams) need to be included
? Footer must contain page numbers
(This part of the assignment is 50% of your overall mark)

User Centred Design Part of the Assignment
In this part of the assignment you need to create user profiles for the direct users of your software
and design an interface for the same software you have analysed in the modelling part (previous
part). You will be assessed on the following:
1. Your ability to design an interface using wireframes software


2. Addressing the following core usability principles in your design:
? Consistency
? Visibility (clues how something works or how to use it)
? Mapping (between controls and their effect)
? Feedback
? Learnability
? Efficiency
? Memorability
? Effectiveness
? Navigation
You need to briefly explain how you have addressed each of these areas in your design. (max two
pages of explanations)
3. Creating users’ profiles
What do you need to know about your users? Build appropriate profile for each direct user of your
software. You also need to explain how your users’ profiles have impacted your design/ what you
have done in your design in response to their profiles. Some of this can be linked to the identified
concerns in the stakeholders table. (max two pages of explanations)
To summarise, this part of the assignment needs to contain the following:
? Wireframes of your design
? Explanations of how you have addressed usability principles in your design
? Your direct users’ profiles and explanations of how you have taken these into account in your
(This part of the assignment is 20% of your overall mark)



In this study, UML discussed in detail. UML (Unified Modelling Language) is the most important to understand the requirement completely. Requirement gathering is the most important part of any system of any project. UML describes the complete working functionality of the system and it is very helpful for the person and stakeholder to understand the complete system in a better way.

Main Area

A stakeholder Identification Table + Stakeholder Onion Diagram + supporting narrative

Figure 1: Stakeholder Identification Table


Figure: 2 Onion Diagram

This chart contains all the requirements related to stakeholder. Stakeholders are the most important part of any project.


A Use Case Diagram (or one diagram for each user) + supporting narrative


As the above use case diagram is for the construction company that needs an application to manage the contract workers. The company hires their labor workers on a temporary contract. After reading the scenario we made use case diagram, there are five actors named company, software, owner, worker, and supervisor each actor has performed their tasks efficiently.

The actor 1 company has use cases like the company to provide jobs, hire their workers, track their work. The actor 2 software has use cases they allow their work to access for jobs, observe their worker’s performance the application maintain the record of workers like when worker start the job and when it has completed their worker, the workers have to upload the images of their completed work these are the details that maintained by the application. The actor worker has their duty to upload the images of their work. The actor 4 owner would be able to view reports as we showed in the above use case diagram owner give access to supervisors to create jobs for workers. The actor 5 supervisors have to maintain worker’s records allocate the jobs to workers to provide all relevant information, necessary descriptions about the material as we have shown in the above use case diagram. As in the above use case supervisor approved the work of laborers. In the above use case diagram all actors are linked to each other like application access jobs and workers access the job through the application.




2 Use Case Descriptions developed for selected, more complex Use Cases



2 Activity Diagrams developed for the Use Case Descriptions + supporting narrative if needed

Activity Diagram 1:

The activity diagram here highlights the flow of the work of a Contract worker affiliated with the construction company. First of all the worker check-in the site area, it is been verified whether he is a worker of the company or not. If not then he is terminated else if yes the opportunity holds in his favor, he has to select the job after he has to understand and explain the job in a very precise manner whether he is capable of the work he has chosen for the site area, a summary is to be given after the job understanding he may check-in the site area perform his duties within the given time upload the images of the work he has done the whole day and then he may be left for home. On the other hand, the admin or the manager of the company tracks the location of the workers on the site area as it is too high building after the present is ensured the admin also terminates.


Activity diagram 2:

The activity diagram 2 depicts the number of employees working in the site area. At the very first the worker check-in the site area fills his credentials, the credentials are verified from the database if no the worker is terminated else the work is assigned to them, a summary is mandatory by the worker which ensures whether he is capable for the work or not. After works brainstorming the work is initialized in the site area by them, timer counts and shows the time. If there is time you may focus more deeply on the work but if the worker is running out of time he has to wrap up anyhow. After wrapping uploading up images on the software and saving it into a folder is mandatory as it is checked by the Construction companies’ supervisor.


A Domain Class Diagram + supporting narrative if needed


Class Diagram:

The Class diagram of the construction company holds the record of the workers working within the company or the site area. Their credentials are saved in the company's databases. Also the company holds the data of the supervisors including the tasks assigned to them. On the whole company itself is responsible for managing every single data or file related to the company.



To conclude, this assignment contains all the knowledge related to the UML. This assignment considered to be very helpful to me for the understanding of UML. In this assignment use case diagram and activity diagram developed with the help of a given scenario. The stakeholder chart and onion diagram also discussed in this assignment.

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