BSBRES401 Analyse and Present Research Information

BSBRES401 Analyse and Present Research Information

Question 1:

Task 1: Report

What techniques could you use to collect and assess information for a business issue? How would you ensure the data’s reliability and validity? Your response should not exceed 100 words for each.

The techniques that can be used to collect and assess information for a business issue are surveys that are the finest method to determine the quantitative information either by conducting telephonic or face-to-face interviews.

 Another technique for information collection can be focus groups, listening sessions, and public forums that all are approaches to find qualitative information. Furthermore, documentation review can be studied to gather information about the business issue and also case studies about the company can be reviewed to get an insight into the issue. The last two techniques are the best way to study the current practices of the business by studying its reliable statistics, and financial records.

It is true that validity and reliability are two such concepts that must be considered while collecting information. Reliable information refers to worthy of confidence. Without reliable resources, there cannot be a valid argument. The information collected via the company’s reports is reliable as it is an audited report thus it can be trusted upon. Further, the case study is to be present or available on the company's reputable website or recognized news articles so that information could be reliable and valid. Focus groups and survey results are also reliable as the responses of one group can be compared with responses of another different group to check for the similarity and hence the reliable results.


Question 2:

Task 2: Report

Create a checklist of the questions you need to consider in collecting information and map against your list of types of information.

The checklist of questions are as follows:

  • Who you plan to speak or what is your target population?
  • How to reach the target individuals?
  • What is the sample size?
  • What methods to be used for the analysis of information gathered?
  •  How to build trust and confidence in the population?
  • Are there be subjective or objective or both approaches to answer the questions in the survey?
  • What type of questions will be asked open-ended or close-ended questions?
  • How to approach strangers?
  • How to rely on responses of the target population?




Question 3:

Task 3:Report

Assume you need to get information from individuals and groups in your organization. List the things you need to do to get the best results. Justify your list.

Your response should not exceed 100 words.

The things that I need to do to get the best results are as follows:

  • I will prepare a set of questions that assist me in getting required information during the direct communication. There is direct communication between individuals without having any interruptions of factors like situation and timing.
  • Further, hierarchies could be used for better results as I can demonstrate how one piece of information is associated with another. This will produce authentic decisions and choices. I will then decide on which information is to be approached first to get the better decisions.
  • Moreover, I will use the debating method to get the things sorted out that further lead to the best results. Further, for perfect debate, I need to arrange a panel where the topic for discussion is to be conveyed to members.


Question 4:

Task 4:Report

Identify the key characteristics of a direct and linear style report.

The key characteristics of a direct and linear style report are as follows:


  • Straight-line discussions
  • Low reliance on the context like situation and timing
  • Robust reliance on words
  • Loyalty of individuals in direct communication with people
  • Quick decisions
  • Clear discussions
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • High level of commitment
  • Empowerment



Question 5:

Task 5:Report

Identify a suitable way to organise a report on data you have researched on a new project management software. What are the key headings?


The key heading for organizing a report on data researched on a novel project management software are as follows:

  • Benefits of implementing new Project management (PM) software into an organization.
  • Discussion about visions of other members of the company
  • Costs and risks associated with the new PM software
  • Timeframe for its implementation
  • The reliability and validity of information collected
  • Recommendations for better implementation
  • Future benefits to bottom-line of the company with new PM software




Question 6:

Task 6: Role play and Report

You are required to provide a verbal report to the facilitator. Your verbal report should be no more than 7 minutes in length. Please include all the aspects we have discussed during the unit. Obtain feedback and note the changes or improvements to be made as a result.

After you have completed the verbal report do a self-evaluation and provide notes on this to your Facilitator

Student’s self-evaluation notes: As per self-assessment with a verbal report in PowerPoint slides, it can be concluded that this unit "reporting to the manager" is entirely understandable to me. I gained all the required knowledge on how to report to the manager, the types of information collection techniques and its associated questions to be considered during information collection process. Furthermore, I found that now, I am proficient enough in reporting adequately to a manager in the future with all the skills required for receiving information or giving any information.

Third-party/facilitator's comments:


Observation date:



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