Human Resource Management of Bangladesh and Australia

Human Resource Management of Bangladesh and Australia

Case Report: Human Resource Management of Bangladesh and Australia

Executive Summary

The human resource management of both the Bangladesh and Australia has been evaluated in this report. Both the countries began developing their human resource management after facing economic issues. In this report there is detail analysis on the human resource management of Bangladesh and Australia. Both the human resource management systems are different. The analysis revealed that HRM practices of still lagging behind and major improvements are required. In Australia, the HRM practices are consistent but the country is facing some issues in managing diversity. The report highlighted some issues that are majorly influencing the HRM practices of Bangladesh and Australia.




Human resources are generalized as the individuals who work for a firm or business and the division accountable for handling resources associated with staffs. The expression of “human resources” were originally made during 60s at the time of labor worth associations commenced to harvest courtesy and also the ideas like, inspiration, structural conduct and assortment valuations started to come in character. HRM (human resource management) is an existing, wide expression for the definition of the management and progress of workers in a business. Moreover, known as talent or personnel management (even though these expressions are tad out-of-date). HRM contains supervising each and every possession associated with handling an administration’s human assets. Therefore, HRM is motivated on various key regions, comprising employing and recruitment, reimbursement and welfares, exercise and knowledge, work and worker relationships and business growth (DeCenzo, Robbins and Verhulst 2016). HRM also includes evolving and managing curriculums which are intended to upsurge the efficiency of an association or industry. This contains the complete range of making, handling, and humanizing the proprietor’s and worker’s bond. In majority administrations, companies and industries the HR section is accountable for, handling jobs employment, assortment, and raise, evolving and supervising worker welfares and benefit plans, endorsing and applying staff guidelines, encouraging worker profession enlargement and jobs drill, giving recreational courses for fresh appoints, giving direction concerning corrective activities, aiding as main interaction for job-location damages or misfortunes. In this assessment there is going to be in-depth discussion around human resource management in two countries, India and Australia. Both countries’ human resource management will be analyzed, compared and contrast the factors (Brewster et al. 2016).

HRM in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has been rolling steadily to its vision of a food shortage and poverty free culture. Initially the regime of Bangladesh chases a socialist economic model. As an effect the management and policy makers did not prioritize the matters like private sector growth, HRM and industrialisation. Though, after changing its monetary guidelines from communism to a free market economy in the early 1990s, Bangladesh attained estimable financial growth. The present condition of HRM is far beneath the intensity Bangladesh wants to attain (Musfiqur et al 2018). Numerous companies are family owned and controlled by family member and the human resource management actions tend to be outlook as just a corporation owner’s desire However, in the recent scenario labour intensive and export oriented industries have begun experiencing pressure from the European Union to preserve their labour rights values and to improve the operational situation. The pressure from other countries is convincing the companies change the culture and offer better wage rates. In addition, evidences indicate that enhanced working conditions and right wage rates can also improve the profitability of the organisation in Bangladesh. So this organisation must focus on developing efficient and effective HRM practices in order to cope with changing needs of economy.

The function and significance of HRM is growing in Bangladesh. Many organisations have previously developed separate HRM department and hired professionals with pertinent experience and knowledge. The government has also taken help of World Bank to establish the Bangladesh institute of administration which provides grade and certificate in HRM linked areas (Rahman et al 2017). Furthermore, the introduction of performance related pay is also open in private sectors and local organisations in Bangladesh. The public sector is still struggling in implementing these practices due to lawful intricacy. Furthermore, public sector organisation are still considers supremacy as the major standard for pay and promotion.

Politics determines and influences most of the decisions in Bangladesh. Business people have to maintain a good contact with politicians to acquire loans from financial institutions. Recruitment, selection, training, salary modification and many more are influenced by the politics. For HRM supervisor, moving beyond this custom of supporting contacts, without the permission of owner could be major confront when executing the most modern HRM practices.  In addition lack of managerial skills, ageing workforce, political condition, and technological environment are some of the issues that affect HRM practices in Bangladesh.

Human resource managers are struggling to retain and employ skilled people in the organisation. Moreover, the lawful background of Bangladesh is also considered as obstacle in introducing new HRM practices. The inflexible regulatory surroundings handicaps human resource managers who want to execute suitable and effectual HRM practices in their companies (Rahman et al 2016). However, Bangladesh is a nation with plentiful workers, manager still criticize about the scarcity of highly talented workers. In the nonexistence of incorporated national education and HRD strategy, institute are creating numerous non mechanical and non occupational alumni. The imbalance is still increasing in the labour market.

Training of human resources has so far to increase from its abandoned place in private sector association in Bangladesh, which still does not recognize the need for training and development activities for both employees and managers. Industry and the educational institutes are not linked and, consequently, industry has no influence on the development of courses, curricula, or other instructional processes within the educational and training institutions (Aswathappa and Dash 2020). As a result, the training programs that do exist have not proved relevant or useful to industry. Another important issue is determining priorities in terms of skill development.

HRM in Australia

In the case of progressive abundant market economies, Human Resource Management (HRM) in Australia had developed an acknowledged “executive career” by its peculiar specialized link and credentialism apparent in definite tutoring, exercise and specialized systems. The procedures of handling persons had transformed as Australia turned into one of the developed nations. Extensive?reach fluctuations concerning the construction of the economy, the official preparations controlling labor, the configuration of the peoples and the labor force, the participation of numerous shareholders in organization, and notions around organization, relatives and communal parts had altogether impacted the procedures for handling persons. Human resource experts subsidize to this objective through supervising each and every activity applicable to the workforce of a business. It comprises exercise, staffing, reimbursement, welfares, worker management, workforce dismissal, and the execution of service laws (Podger 2017).

Human resource experts are generally as well are the primary end of the contact for a workforce that wishes to create objections or discourse features of their service, like growth feedbacks or notification time. Although in minor organizations these accountabilities may collapse to a solo employee, it is not rare for bigger organizations to own a human resource section in which diverse experts undertake possession of definite responsibilities. To understand, the human resource division may recruit an exercising and enduring specialized growth professional, a staff professional, an employment professional and many more as per the requirement. Recruitment professionals “recruiters” emphasis precisely on the procedures tangled in the attainment and retaining of workforce. In contrast to many supplementary human resource experts, recruiters do not certainly work from home. In its place, organizations repeatedly depend on exterior servicers or employment organizations, which focus on finding decent applicants, and aid in the recruitment procedure, every so often by executing preliminary discussions and valuations to monitor applicants. Exterior recruiters rarely have somewhat concluding view in the recruitment procedure. Relatively, their part is to find capable applicants to the business and offer provision to inner verdict creators (Shen 2016).

The HRM job is quite decently exist in TAFE institutions of Australia. These supports comparatively huge and sound resourced HR sections that had been established for quite some decades. Approximately 75 per cent of the TAFE institutions replied that HRM is accomplished via professional HR director, by means of the others giving prime duty for HRM to whether the administrator or to a business facilities supervisor. The concluding reply might return some confusion of the query assigning prime duty for HRM to a sophisticated post supervisor, while a HR manager or major might too be present. Just about all the HR supervisors come from a specialized upbringing in HRM. Therefore, HRM is obviously supposed as a distinct profession route inside TAFE institutions (Brunetto et al. 2020).

Usually, the position of team revenue in TAFE institutions seems to be little to average. Around 45 per cent of TAFE institutions stated the team revenue to be little and average. Though, the position of revenue differs among dissimilar groups of workforce. The isolating lines appears to be associated with the grade of stability of occupation of workforce. Therefore, executives and training and non-training workforce on stable, continuing service have little position for revenue, whereas training and non-training workforce on static-stretch agreements and unexpected or annual training workforce incline to have average positions for revenue (Bratton and Gold 2017).

Performance management have turn out to be the finest symbols of present, growth-concerned with HRM structures. Performance management seems to be nearly general inside TAFE institutions. Each and every group of employee in TAFE institutions, as per the exclusion of spontaneous and annual workforce, contribute in the growth administration structure. The performance management organizations in TAFE institutions seem to follow to the customary yearly assessment structure (Newman et al. 2016).

HRM of India vs HRM of Australia

The human resource management of Bangladesh and Australia shares some similarities and number of differences.  Furthermore, both the countries have created effective HRM practices after their economic fluctuations. After shifting its economic policies from socialism to a free-market economy in the early 1990s, Bangladesh attained worthy economic growth (Rubel et al 2017). The government has taken specific steps to implement the effective HRM practices in Bangladesh. The notions of human resource management in Australia began after world war I, when there seem to be changes in economic situations. The human resource specialists in Australia are commonly quite decently educated, with some kind of under-graduate or post-graduate certificates in applicable arenas, and females numbers are quite high in this career. While in Bangladesh the human resource professionals are not much as compared to the population of the workforce. The human resource practices of Australia are significantly similar to that of America and United Kingdom. In Bangladesh, the human resource practices are still lagging behind and more effective and independent structure is required. Furthermore, the huge pressures from politicians affect the implementation of any up-gradation in HRM practices in Bangladesh.

In Australia the human resource management is generally taken in finding decent students with appropriate skills and capabilities. The human recruitment “recruiters” take interviews in multiple phases in order to select appropriate candidate for the job. Both the countries have similar kind of structure and function in human resource management; the large companies have distinct subdivisions in their human resource department whereas in small companies of the countries this job is handled by merely one person. Despite similar structure the HRM practices of Bangladesh is not effective enough to cope with the dynamic environment. In Bangladesh, the possessor and managers believe the staffing and selection of workers as a private subject and use casual staffing channel. Also, the private sector businesses are not bound by lawful necessities to promote profession in press. The managers employ as and when they think it is essential, and hire those whom they believe appropriate after individual contemplation. In Bangladesh the recruitment managers consider the requirements of political leaders and other powerful groups. However, Australia, there are quite competent human resource section in TAFE institutions which are established from a long time (Aswathappa and Dash 2020).

In Bangladesh, organizations are still struggling to provide equal employment opportunity and comprehensive employment practices. HR executive are facing a big issue in regulating to diversity supervision and enclosure issues, as these need alteration in employment strategy, such as those dealing with functioning hours, wellbeing and safety procedures, legal maternity leave, a work–life stability, childcare services and many more.

Candidates with different background and competent skills are rarity and human resource manager have to formulate to retain the best talents in the organization. With youth getting more aware and demanding for decent pay, healthy work environment and good culture in the organization. The Australia have been facing issues and challenges in HR practice. The developed Australia and competitive environment are getting competition over capital and workplace design. The dynamically growing environment in developed countries and organizations HRM is focusing in building an efficient environment. With increasing skilled labors, demands and expectation of employees is also increasing from the organization (Rees and Smith 2017).

The technological advancements are happening with huge pace everywhere, organizations are trying to keeping up in order to provide best possible environment in organization, the HRM in Australia is developed in this and provide high quality work essentials to their employees. The HRM in Bangladesh has to integrate HRD policy and national education to close the gaps in the labor market. In Bangladesh incomplete choice in terms of service opportunity, job safety and superiority based pay and endorsement were used to inspire workers whereas work life balance,  stability, suitable location, friendly work environment were used by Australian companies to increase the engagement of workforce (Rees and Smith 2017). HR managers are facing a big issues in adjust to diversity supervision and enclosure issue, as these need alteration in employment rule, such as those dealing with operational hours, wellbeing and safety actions, legal maternity leave, a work–life stability, childcare services. The diversity of culture in Australia is far better as compared to that of Bangladesh, the human resource managers are trained to manage diverse culture because of the reason of globalization in the markets and meet the global standards.

 In terms of digitization and quality of work Australia have edge over Bangladesh, their human resource management is able to retain best talents and engage with them at much sophisticated level. The human resource management in Bangladesh is moving towards more planned HRM practice, which is a optimistic symbol for the prospect financial expansion of the country. though, Bangladesh, as a emergent country, is still trying diverse growth strategy regime, and lag behind in terms of developing exact institutional preparations for a characteristic nationwide HRM replica.  


HRM is motivated on various key regions, comprising employing and recruitment, reimbursement and welfares, exercise and knowledge, work and worker relationships and business growth. The report revealed that HRM practices of Bangladesh needs major improvements to provide fair wage rate and equal employment opportunities to workforce.

HRM in Australia had developed an acknowledged “executive career” by its peculiar specialized link and credentialism apparent in definite tutoring, exercise and specialized systems.  The human resource management of both the Bangladesh and Australia has major differences. Both the countries began developing their human resource management after their respective economic fluctuations. The human resource specialists in Australia are commonly quite decently educated, with some kind of under-graduate or post-graduate certificates in applicable arenas and female’s numbers are quite high in this career. It has been identified from the above analysis that HRM practices of both countries face issues and continuous improvements are required to cope in the dynamic environment. However, the report suggests that major improvements and changes are required in HRM practices of Bangladesh (Musfiqur et al 2018). There are some major factors political influences, ineffective HRD policy which are continuously affecting the implementation of any policies and practices in Bangladesh.


The recommendations will be used for Australian firm that are applying or extending HR practices to Bangladesh.

  • Staff preparation must be adequate and each worker should get equal chance for training. Training requirements would be review correctly based on assessment tools and workers definite needs.
  • Employees’ energetic contribution should be ensured in decision making procedure and gender matter must be considered in business as a standard of employees’ contribution
  • Employees’ performance evaluation structure should be technical and growth oriented and the objectives of evaluation structure would be apparent to all employees.




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