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MPM 732: Critical Thinking for Managers

MPM 732: Critical Thinking for Managers






MPM 732: Critical Thinking for Managers

Speech and Reflection


Career dashboard


Career Dashboard



Obvious Career

Related Career

Open Career


Position Title

  • Human servics manager
  • Hospital setting


  • Administration support manager
  • Clinics
  • Research associate


Technical skills required

  • Human Resources Information Software (HRIS)
  • Interpersonal and Scheduling skills
  • Crisis management
  • -Budgeting
  • Strategic Planning
  • HR management



  • Statistical and Graphical Analysis of Data
  • -Marketing

Transferrable skills required


  • Motivational skills
  • systematic  research aptitude
  • Updating the training curriculum


  • Negotiation and communication skills
  • Written and Verbal skills


  • Data analysis
  • Research and development



Average Salary





Job Growth

  • Board of Directors
  • High
  • HR executive team
  • High
  • prospective to work at a larger firm
  • High


Qualifications needed

  • Voluntary certification
  • Masters level degree
  • Masters level degree
  • undergraduate degree in biotech, life sciences, medical sciences or nursing


Key job tasks


  • Creating policies
  • Budgeting
  • motivating
  • People manager
  • Serving needs of the staff -Delegating tasks
  • Managing feedbacks


  • Drafting proposals

Table 1: Career dashboard

Data gathering

There are countless jobs in the healthcare sector in terms of managing the health care services and human resources. The leadership and business acumen in the healthcare sector is gaining popularity. The human service managers in the healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical zone are responsible for tracking and managing the day-to-day functionalities (BrintzenhofeSzoc and Gilbert 2017). In the hospital settings, they are required to ensure that all the processes are effectively tracked and administered. There is a fast-paced rise in the career in this profession because hospital settings are requiring more qualified individuals who can maintain the healthcare regulations as well as other responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of health and human services administrator and manager. They further inflate overall efficiency of healthcare settings and they are also required to interact with the medical staff, insurance agents and the patients to ensure that the accurate prompt care is delivered (Shannon et al. 2017).



1. Increasing competition in job market

1. There is an increasing demand for the professionals

2. Changes in the technology and pressure to improve patient outcomes and recruit right employee pool

2. There are elevated global job opportunities


In my opinion, the prospects offered by industry are greater as compared to challenges. The challenges such as poor patient outcomes and the adjustments in the reimbursement methods can be done by proper integration of the staff, proper maintenance of the electronic record systems and appointing supervisors for each team so that any adverse cases are effectively handled. Technology can be incorporated for supporting communication between different clinicians for reducing the cases of medication errors and recruiting the right pool of medical staff.

As per my interest, the most fitting job for me is of the Health and Human services manager.

The required information is sourced from the following resources:

Integrated System for Health Services Management


Introducing systems approaches


Who benefits? What benefits? Part-time postgraduate study in health and human services


Understanding Client Communities Spatially for Developing Effective Interventions



Good morning everyone, I am glad that you all have joined me today. I would like to begin by defining what actually human services management is. According to authors Crowley et al. (2017), human services management is a term used to describe the formal systems which are intended to ensure virtuous management of people and resources within an organisation. It is also referred to as a strategy for effectual administration of individuals within the workplace boundaries. It is basically designed in such a way that the competitive advantage of a firm is maximized. Every student who graduates from the stream of human services management has the objective to work in a respectable working environment and to fulfil the organisational goals as well as the personal ones (Mandayam et al. 2016). In healthcare settings, the role of human services management is further expanded and is associated with several other aspects as well. In other business organisations; it is usually associated with opening enrolment benefit packets. Most of the tasks are conducted through the mail systems and people usually view this job as a limited job (Messum et al. 2017).

However, in context of the healthcare industry, the task is further burdened with managing the flow of healthcare labour force as in hospitals and clinical places, it is very important that the patient’s care is enhanced and high-quality care is delivered (BrintzenhofeSzoc and Gilbert 2017). The hiring and firing activities are done according to the legal guidelines and bearing in mind the well being and growth of the facility. It is a timely fashion so that the current employees are prevented for being overwhelmed by the shortage in the staff as it results in overburdening of the responsibilities on the nurses which is ultimately reflected on the health of the patients. Today, I will discuss about the key challenges facing the industry and where I see the human services management profession in the healthcare sector in the next 10 years. In the speech, I will specifically discuss about the key hurdles which barricade the operations of human services management and the associated implications. I will also discuss about what trends have been trailing in this profession for the last few years.

They are many trends that have been impacting healthcare management in the context of administration related jobs (BrintzenhofeSzoc and Gilbert 2017). As the healthcare industry is continuously involving, the changes are shaping and outlining healthcare initiatives. One of the significant trends is that the health care centres have been made me to look inwardly to demonstrate the quality of patient care as well as other tasks. Healthcare activities have been required to become more effective for improving productivity in terms of research and patient care as it is also related to academic health centres (BrintzenhofeSzoc and Gilbert 2017). The numbers of individuals arriving at the hospital settings have an increment in the patients with age more than 65, and it is increasing dramatically (Messum et al. 2016). This is, in turn, poses an impact on the administration to further strengthen its aged care facility providers and look at the proper allocation of responsibilities to meet the demands of the patients. Technology is further emerging as a key trend in hospital administration and management of the businesses not only in the healthcare sector but in the pharmaceutical field as well.

The use of mobile applications, artificial intelligence and biosensors are elevating. They are used in the pharmaceutical field for enabling the advanced analysis and guaranteeing precision in the medicine. This is requiring the human services management administrators to further keep a check of the technology and the drugs designed for the average patients and its replacement by other treatment; so that effective processes are safeguarded as well as safety of the employees is also promoted. Latest Technology such as genetic diagnosis is being used. Improving the efficiency of electronic medical records is further embedded in the organisational culture; that is improving the operations of the health and human services administration department in terms of keeping the close record of the patients as well as for creating the CPT code and procedures.

The role of human services management has transformed and is becoming more technologically dependent nowadays with the intervention of technological advancements. I feel that apart from the positive aspect, it is also challenging the whole framework of services management in the healthcare sector in the pharmaceutical companies in terms of training the staff, gaining the adequate equipment and tools for supporting the change and keeping in mind the inflation of performance (Shannon et al. 2017). I think we all agree that Technology plays a large role in today's human services management and as a role of human services manager. It will continue to impact but I am not sure if we understand the extent to which technology could impact this industry if we do not intervene in the right time. Security risks and data breaches are some of the setbacks of the computerized systems and electronic medical records as there may be a risk of data getting leaked which may not be adhering to the legal documentation to support privacy and confidentiality of the patients (Dheensa et al. 2016).

I contributed to this field by adopting a forward-thinking approach and considering the challenges and norms especially in terms of technological advancement to further lay emphasis on data security and encryption so that employees are inclined towards maintaining the confidentiality of the patient information apart from performing their operations in an efficacious custom. The healthcare industries progress in many operations while contributing to making the health and human services operations easier. I will try to enhance the operations as a human services manager in a hospital by making information portals safer by restricting the access and storing the confidential information with specialised login credentials. This will make sure that the patients feel welcomed and ensured about their privacy. Representation today has stressed on technology in the human services operations in healthcare settings. This isn’t any new topic but has been researched and reviewed by in the literary pieces.

Critical reflection of speech

When I was outlining my speech, I spent a large amount of time in constructing regarding the format, presentation and the structure of the speech so as to pose a robust influence on the audience. After acknowledging the fact that the most integral factor in a presentation and its success is that I need to be clear to convey my point to the audience to whom I was to present my views. In my opinion, literary pieces have talked about how health and human services managers and other professionals have been challenged with the employment of technology and most of them have been following adaptive approach and forward-thinking. I gathered the same approach and ensured that my idea is quick as well as precise so that it lingers along with the minds of the audience. Community is usually very attentive in presentation and all the minor and major takeaways are available (Gibbs et al. 2017). This assisted me in ensuring that I communicate with the audience in a very simplified custom so that the interaction is majorly associated with the content and provides effective and crucial information at the same time.

I safeguarded that an informal and very simple format is trailed. I incorporated this to make sure that the speech is not complicated or overwhelmed with data and statistics and hence, made sure to incorporate less data by elaborating the information that I had. Incorporating too much data in the speech could have confused the audience rather than confirming them. I restricted my speech to technological intervention as a key point so that I am able to discuss how business operations have modified with this trend in the past and how it could in the future. By keeping the format quite simple, I discussed the key challenges that the industry has been facing in terms of training the staff, keeping the technology updated and revising it as per the needs. I feel that the ever-increasing failures in technology and its impact on the overall business setting should not be neglected, especially, when it comes to data of the customers. The two topics that were included in my speech is the fact that it is structured; the message is communicated in a very robust custom to ensure a greater impact in its delivery.

The second aspect is that I have tried to focus on a specific factor rather than wandering from one to another. Since the exact future of health and human services profession and the healthcare industry cannot be predicted, I believe that I have gained enough knowledge to have a fair understanding of what are the possible risks or challenges that the industry may face. This industry is cyclical and is a service sector that needs to cultivate inductive logic for critically providing efficacious care to the patients (Calado et al. 2018). I have employed the concept of inductive logic in the speech which is Aristotle’s three models of persuasion (Alkhirbash 2016). The primary aspect that I have considered is appealing to the audience in a professional manner by aligning with the ethical compass I am made use of keywords and phrases so that the audience can be appeal why are emotions about how the confidentiality and privacy of the patience important. Also, I made use of inductive logic to make the presentation simpler and safeguard that the audience is able to comprehend the logic behind my speech in an easier custom.

Metaphors are helpful in ensuring that the speeches are remembered by the audience in an effective custom. Therefore, I have used it effectively in the speech. I have efficaciously portrayed how the role of health and human services manager is integral within the healthcare settings to align the outcomes of patients in an effective discipline and also armour for the complications. I have made sure to use some argumentative elements in the speech. Argumentative tone is used so as to ensure that the audience is efficiently persuaded with the speech. Firstly, I discussed about the challenges that industry is facing. The burdening of responsibilities on human services administrator in the healthcare settings is a key possible reason for resulting in ineffective hiring and firing processes. Furthermore, due to the latest technological advancements, the staff members face difficulty in getting used to the new advancement. After highlighting the challenges, I have effectively discussed the ways to overcome them which involve effective training curriculums, adhering to the legal guidelines and keeping up with the latest trends.

I have also discussed the use of mobile applications which ensures the feasibility of medicinal precision, hence, enabling the advanced analysis. The speech is open and discussed my personal goal to be a human services manager to make the audience instantly connect with me and remain engaged during the speech. I have increased the awareness regarding how urgent it is to address the problems in the considered industry. I applied the critical systems heuristics in viable systems method as they are quite pertinent with my speech. According to me, these two methods are corresponding to each other when considered in context of the healthcare sector and especially the human services administration profession. It encompasses numerous activities involving the flow of information, discovery of the challenges and issues to attain a particular desired outcome to increase effective efficiency (Reynolds and Holwell 2020). The key reason that contributes to me choosing the technology and business operation as the topic is the fact that it is simultaneously challenging as well as opportunity associated with technological innovation; not only in the considered in this profession but almost in every industry and all professions as it revolutionizes and makes firms adapt to new landscapes. In my opinion, I was able to present my views in an effective custom with a simpler outline and clear depiction of the issues and challenges and how I can contribute to the same. Through the speech, I have learnt about how to communicate with the audience and my counterparts with maximum efficiency by delivering ideas.




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Shannon, E.A., Pearson, S., Quinn, W. and Macintyre, K. 2017. Who benefits? What benefits? Part-time postgraduate study in health and human services. International Journal of Lifelong Education36,4 pp.422-441.

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