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Effect and Impact of Business Process in context to the case study scenario of United Milk Commodities

Effect and Impact of Business Process in context to the case study scenario of United Milk Commodities


Executive Summary

The following report sheds light on “Effect and Impact of Business Process in context to the case study scenario of United Milk Commodities (UMC). Hence, the major focus of the report would be on implementation of complementary technologies as well as Information Systems (IT) in terms of BPM models that would further help the business process of UMC to run on automated process while mitigating the issues of manual system and poor connectivity and interrupted sales and promotion. The overall emphasis on business process management would further facilitate in gaining additional advantage in market.




Table of Contents

Introduction. 4

Business Evaluation. 4

Business Review.. 4

Task A: Business Intelligence. 5

Task B: Business Process Models. 7

Task C: General Questions. 7

Question 1. 7

Question 2. 9

Question 3. 10

Question 4. 11

Question 5. 13

Conclusion and Recommendations. 13

Reference List 14

Appendices. 15






Nowadays technology as well as business intelligence is considered as an important aspect for any kind of businesses. This is quite natural that each and every business across the industries could face some challenges while accomplishing their objectives under different circumstances. Thus this is important for the management of those businesses to manage properly their business and in present time this only can happen if the business could be technology oriented. Hence, in this accordance the report, critically emphasis on UMC, a milk processor and providers for the local market as well as international market is currently facing some issues regarding their current business process which needs to rectify and improvements in this context.

Business Evaluation

Business Review

Business Process Modelling (BPM) refers to certain activity of repressing process within business process management through which current process of the business can be analysed as well as enhanced and technologically automated. Thus, accordingly, it can be said that in case of UMC’s current business process of manpower (clerk) oriented business management would change as well as enhance by mitigating the emerging issues of quality, connectivity of product sales and promotion through the automated process of “as-is” and “to-be” models of business process (Trappey et al. 2017). Specifically, the certain approach of “as-is” BPM would help UMC to evaluate its current continual process operating prior to making any improvement changes, whereas, futuristic approach of “to-be” BPM would help in analysing the enhancement and required automated improvement changes through which UMC can further maximise business automation by leveraging both technologies to attain optimal outcomes from being manpower-oriented to technologically-upgraded with enhancement of the connectivity throughout all-over business process.

Additionally, in accordance with the review of UMC’s business it is also noticed that business intelligence (BI) would have major and intense impact on business outcomes. As, in reference with the structured and constructed Excel Spreadsheet, it can be implied that through the SQL and other Programming Languages and Queries (VLOOKUP and IF functions) BI can construct essential set of tools as well as processes, which could facilitate UMC in managing and gathering data in RDBMS and turn it to meaningful information by presenting the business outcomes in graphical, strategically and structured manner.

Task A: Business Intelligence

Figure 1: Total Orders by Customers

In accordance with the presented column chart in Figure 1 that shows total orders by UMC's customers throughout week 32 for over the 3 years time period, it can be implied that as a whole total orders of customers has projected to increase over the 3 years as for week 32 of 2018, UMC had maximum number of total customers’ orders that is 59. Significantly, in terms of orders it is further noticed that among the customers, Woolworths Petrol has placed highest numbers of orders from UMC over 3 years. (Referred to Appendix 1)

Figure 2: Milk Production Data

Based on Figure 2 that indicates milk production data of UMC over the week 32 during 3 years, it can  be evaluated that overall milk production  rate is projected to increase in  2018 up to the 1590.25 litres, compared to past and present  years' milk production based on the orders. Significantly, it is further seen that as per customers' orders, milk production has increased at highest rate for litres of production of Reduced Fat Milk, whereas, in terms of raw to processed milk, special milk has highest milk production ratio of 0.95. (Referred to Appendix 2)


Figure 3: Customer Specific Pricing

Furthermore, as per the Figure 3 that shows UMC's  customers' specific price premium percentage, it can be said that in terms of premium pricing rate, among the customers, Joe's  Milk bar has highest percentage of 22.5% specific premium pricing rate on order of milk at UMC. (Referred to Appendix 3)

Task B: Business Process Models

As-Is Model

To-Be Model

Task C: General Questions

Question 1

In this given case of UMC, the organization is facing several issues which could actually create some disadvantages for their businesses. These issues are regarding mainly their business process which destroys the communication with their clients and different systems like ordering, dispatching as well as delivery in this context. Thus this is important for the management of UMC to adopt a proper business process model which could help this organization to be more effective. Hence, in this case the role of BPM could be, such as,

  • This has been identified that implementation or modification of the business strategy sometimes needs changes in operations or performance in the work and organization. This system of BPM therefore could help the organization like UMC align the different operations of the business with the new strategy of the business
  • This has been found out that at present UMC has faced some issues with the departmental communication, hence in this situation, the process of BPM could improve the communication among different processes in this business (Saito et al. 2016)
  • It can be stated that UMC would be able to operate in a proper way if their strategies and processes could be well designed and consistent, hence the process of BPM could actually increase the control as well as consistency within the business processes in this situation

There could be different benefits by using the as-is model as well as to-be model for the general manager for this UMC Company. By using the as-is diagram this is possible to identify and discuss about the culture, process as well as capabilities of this company and the general manager would be able to understand regarding these different aspects of this company. Contrarily, according to Trappey et al. (2017), through to-be diagram the general manager of this company would be able to understand the future state of the company and the way or strategy about how those culture or capabilities of this company could appear in their near future. Based on this situation, the general manager therefore could be able to take proper decision under different circumstances. However in below these two diagrams would be able to present how actually these BPMs could operate within the organization.

As-Is Model

To-Be Model

Question 2

Importance of Information

Information in organisational context refers to deriving its meaning from the core of sense-making frameworks. Saito et al. (2016) stated it helps in characterising certain organisations and organisations tend to convert data into information through discussion of data implications further by adding into databases or through feeding data within major decision making process. Hence, accordingly, it can be said that, importance of information in organisations like UMC can be in terms of its role for supporting major aspects of running the business like; connectivity through communication, record-keeping as well as decision-making and data analysis. Thus, information in organisational context of UMC plays important role for improving milk processing operations as well as to develop strategic decisions for gaining competitive edge in market.

Information Technology as a Useful Tool with Example

It is further seen that in general Information Technology (IT) is a useful tool specifically for attracting new customers and gathering information. For example; in terms of “Customer Relationship Management System” (CRMS) as major useful tool of IT system helps in attracting new customers while gathering information by critically emphasising on customer support and satisfaction (Ayanso & Visser, 2016). Specifically, IT has enabled in communicating with millions of potential customers in real-time basis. Thus, in organisation like; UMC, IT in-terms of CRM system would provide several connectivity sources to communicate with customers while gathering valuable data to understand behaviour of customers that further helps in attracting new customers in target market.


In order to make UMC modernised, the organisation is recommended to incorporate network improvements and cloud services in their business processes. Specifically, through implementation of network improvements UMC can update system architecture within the business process management system. Whereas, cloud services through cloud adoption would increase the service level of UMC’s business through improved and accelerated connectivity of IT modernisation.

Question 3

In order to modify the new system for ordering UMC needs to develop either a native standalone app or mobile webpage app in this situation. Now this is important for the general manager to choose the method which would be appropriate for the company named, UMC in this context. However this is important to know about these two aspects before choosing any options in this situation. The native standalone app is the one which could be installed directly in the Smartphone and can work without any internet. On the contrary, a mobile web app has to be installed and only work through internet in this situation (Malisa, Kostiainen & Capkun, 2017). In accordance with this, it can be stated that the native standalone app could operate independently and also work more quickly compared to mobile web app in this situation but for mobile web app, as it is always dependent on the internet, hence without any internet connection this app can't be operated under any kind of circumstances. Thus it would be appropriate if the general manager of UMC could choose the native standalone app to promote their ordering system that could make more sense because the customers as well as employees both will be able to use this app without any internet and the operating process is also easy and simple. Thus based on the above discussion it can be stated that UMC should choose the native standalone app as their version of mobile complaint in this situation.

Question 4

Web analytics refers to the process of collecting and evaluating web traffic data for understanding as well as analyse web usage. On the other hand, Social Media Analysis refers to certain process of collecting data within social-media websites as well as analysing those data through the usage of Social-Media Analytics tools for making major business decisions. Whereas, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is specific approach for managing business’s interactions with present as well as potential customers by using the data analysis regarding customers’ previous information (Ayanso & Visser, 2016).

Hence, based on specifying the outlines of environment within which information is collected as well as specific types of information and the benefits from these three analytics systems, their differences are presented below:

Key Points

Web Analytics

Social-Media Analysis

Customer Relationship Management

Environment from which information is collected

Web Analytics collects its information from the data sources of

  1. “Direct HTTP request data”,
  2. “Network Level and Server Generated Data related to request of HTTP”
  3. “Application Level Data sent along with request of HTTP”
  4. “External Data”.

Social-Media Analytics collects information from social-media sites such as;

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter and so forth.

In case of CRM, information is collected from internal and external data sources in terms of;

  1. “Referral Sources”
  2. “Experiential Marketing Data”
  3. “Customers’ Past Purchases”
  4. “Web Analytics”
  5. “Social-Media profiles”.

Type of Information Collection

Type of information collected in Web Analytics is specifically user oriented generally business and related to web traffic and usage patterns.

On the other hand, type of information social-media analysis collects is fundamentally social media users’ raw data.

Whereas, types of information CRM collects is basically relates to customers and individuals’ previous purchasing behaviour data.

Benefits from the Information Collected

Benefits from the information collected in Web Analytics can be seen in terms of facilitation in analysing several key performance indicators to drive the business by monitoring sources of Traffic such as; search engine and referral sites that brings most traffic information.

The collected information through social-media analysis gives the benefits of engaging effectively with target audience as well as enhancing customer relations and continual monitoring them.

Whereas, collected information through CRM gives the benefits of monitoring and maintaining customers relations, attracting new customers and gathering data about them in target market and understanding customers’’ purchasing behaviour while continual support of customer satisfaction.

Table 1: Differences

Question 5

Maintaining privacy and security of clients is one of the major aspects of business to any organisation. Hence, As UMC would collect information from clients, it is necessary to maintain clients’ privacy and security through the legal and statutory regulation of its operating country Australia’s privacy laws and cyber-security measures. Thus, while using clients’ personal and financial data, UMC is bound to protect their information from theft, misuse, loss or unauthorised access under Privacy Act, 1988 that protects customers’ privacy and information by complying business with “Australian Privacy Principles and Guidelines” (business.gov.au, 2020). Likewise, in addition to this, UMC would also incorporate the essential measures of cyber-security under Australian Government’s “Cyber Security Strategy” in 2016.  Through, implementation of cyber-security strategy, UMC can take the measures of stronger cyber defences, cyber-smart business with growth and innovation.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Thus, based on the above discussion and analysis, it can be stated that through this report the researchers was able to explore different aspects and critical areas of UMC which could help management to analyze major issues and certain ways through which they could find a solution. As the whole report has explored how effective information technology and systems can be for mitigating the issues of quality and connectivity of UMC’s sales and promotion and relationship with customers through intense implementation of BPM as well as IT systems in the business processes. It was to have automated business process from manpower and manual operations of UMC. Thus, in this regard, UMC is further recommended to incorporate the networking activity and adopt the cloud service and IT analytics in accordance with the BPM models.



Reference List

Ayanso, A., & Visser, D. (2016). Analytics and performance measurement frameworks for social customer relationship management. In Social media and networking: concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications (pp. 252-280). IGI Global. Retrieved from https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/0e9d/cbfabb1fd8a8f79805ce3048a5697833e035.pdf [Retrieved On 16.05.2020]

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Trappey, A. J. C., Trappey, C. V., Wang, J., & LEEc, W. T. (2017, January). Omni-Channel Sales and Smart Logistic Service Framework–As-Is and To-Be Paradigms. In Transdisciplinary Engineering: A Paradigm Shift: Proceedings of the 24th ISPE Inc. International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering, July 10-14, 2017 (Vol. 5, p. 84). IOS Press. Retrieved from https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Josip_Stjepandic/publication/318277250_Transdisciplinary_Engineering_A_Paradigm_Shift/links/596badc3a6fdcc18ea792591/Transdisciplinary-Engineering-A-Paradigm-Shift.pdf#page=110 [Retrieved On 16.05.2020]



Appendix 1: Total Customer Orders


(Source: Excel)



Appendix 2: Milk Production

(Source: Excel)



Appendix 3: Customer Specific Pricing


(Source: Excel)



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