Wireless network performance

Wireless network performance


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2.1 Wireless network performance requirement. 3

2.2 Number of network devices requirement. 3

2.3 Hardware analysis with cost and features. 4

2.4 network topology and configuration. 4

2.5 network design justification. 10

2.6 configuration test. 11

Reference. 14


















2.1 Wireless network performance requirement


The organization, named Abbey College, is a well-known educational institute in Australia. Hence, as per the new era of technology and advanced features, they want to deploy a better communication system for staff and students. Presently, the wireless network configuration is on-demand technology. Thus, by providing the wireless network infrastructure, the institute wants to allow a user’s device connection with their network. However, by implementing the new wireless network infrastructure, the institute wants to provide below mention connectivity parameters:

  • The organization required to provide the high-speed internet access ability with the no blank spot available in the network.
  • Hence, by implementing the various LAN configurationsfor different users, the network should able to serve high speed data transmission.
  • The security of a network is theprior requirement of any network configuration, so for that, there is a need to implementSSID and password login credentials. [2]
  • The co-channel interaction may decrease the data integrity, so for that, it must require to avoid interaction of different channel frequencies.
  •  As per the basic requirement, there is a need to allow guest users also; hence, to provide the guest user access, there is a need to set some limitations That’s why limited users are allowed for access, and they get high speed connection. 

Thus, these are some wireless network performance requirements for Abbey Collage.


2.2 Number of network devices requirement


However, the network design process started with the configuration of specific features, then it’s requires to implement some basic network instruments. Hence, before the designing steps started, there is a need to analyze a number of various devices requirements. Now, due to multiple departments’ implementation and size of various levels building, it’s require to implement below mention network instruments with an appropriate numbers of devices:

  • The configuration of internet access services and various network transmission is possible while there one default gateway router configured. So, for that there is a need to implement one wired network.  
  • After that, to connect every LAN devices, there is a need to implement some switch configuration. Thus, as per the requirement, there are four switches required. In that one for each level and another one is for the core network connection.
  • At last, there is a need to implement some wireless access points for wireless devices connection. Hence, for that, there is a need to implement eight WAP as per the area size and multiple LAN configuration requirement.
  • After the device configuration done, then there is a need to utilize some cable connection, and for that, there 500-meter cable connection.   [5]

Thus, these are some network device requirement with respect to number of devices required.


2.3 Hardware analysis with cost and features


Once the numbers of various devices are analyzed then there is need to compare multiple devices with the different manufactures, model, specifications and cost-effective. Thus, below table shows the hardware utilization for Abbey College wireless network infrastructure:

instrument name









IPv4, IPv6, static and dynamic routing, access control list, DHCP, NAT, Pat, VPN, etc.





VLAN, STP, DTP, VTP, 2.4Ghz switching capability, etc.

Wireless router




Wireless network transmission with 200Mbps speed and 212 M2coverage area

Cable connector


Ethernet CAT5e

10$ per meter

High-speed packet transmission up to 1000 Mbps, secure link connection, less environment affect, etc.


Thus, these are some network device analysis with their specification and cost.



2.4 Network topology and configuration


Hence, to fulfill the requirement of network infrastructure and various serviceconfigurations with a specific department’s network allocation, there is one network topology diagram prepared. Thus, the network diagram for Abbey College is as per beneath screenshot: [1]

Figure 1: network diagram for Abbey college

Once the infrastructure design completed, then there is a need to configure switch device switch appropriate VLAN configuration and trunk port configuration. Here one separate VLAN is configured for every level of the building. So, the VLAN implementation at the core switch shown in the beneath figure:

Figure 2: VLAN configuration

After VLAN implemetation, there is a need to allocate static IP configuration at edge router with the separate network configuration. Thus, the below screenshot shows the IP address allocation process with the ROAS configuration at edge router: [3][4]

Figure 3: IP address allocation at edge router


However, after the completion of static IP allocation atthe router device then, there is a need to configure static internet IP configuration at wireless access point devices. Thus, the IP allocation process for internet device at WAP is represented by beneath screenshot:

Figure 4: internet settings at wireless router


However, after the successful IP utilization for internet port then, there is a need to configure the DHCP pool for wireless users, and through that, they can get an IP addresses for communication. The IP DHCP pool configuration at the wireless router is as per shown in below screenshot:

Figure 5: LAN IP settings at wireless AP

Once the logical address utilization is over at the WAP network, then to provide the secure network access, there needs to set-up SSID and password login credentials. The SSID and password configuration for every network is serves secure way for wireless device connection. Thus, the configuration of SSID and passwordrepresented by below screenshot:

Figure 6: SSID and password configuration


However, the completion of SSID and password configuration at wireless access points, it requires to configure wireless hosts devices with the same SSID and password information. Once the user wants to change network connection, they need to change the configuration of SSID and password. The configuration of SSID and password at tablet device is as per below screenshot:

Figure 7: SSID and password configuration at wireless hosts device

After the successful connection of host and WAP, it should require that tablet devices, can get an IP addresses from DHCP pool configuration. So, the beneath snapshot shows the DHCP IP cofiguration process at tablet devices:

Figure 8: DHCP IP allocation at wireless devices


However, the IP set-up is completed for the wired and wireless networks then there is a need to set-up server devices with appropriate IP allocation and DNS service. The configuration of DNS service can provide institute website access for different users:

Figure 9: static IP allocation at DNS server

Figure 10: DNS services configuration at DNS services


Thus, these are some configurations that highly needed to configure at Abbey Collage network infrastructure.


2.5 Network design justification


However, the Abbey collage in Australia wants to deploy one new wireless network infrastructure with the configuration of different departments. Hence by implementing the various departments’ network, they want to provide high-speed internet access for every user. Also, a new network must able to provide a secure connection with the specific restricted network communication. There is also one guest network configuration is established at every level of the building.

Henceforth, after the completion of network requirement analysis, here one network design topology is created with the appropriated departments and devices configuration. Hence as per the basic requirement, there is a need to configure at least two common departments like telecom and business at each level. Hence the configuration of marketing and student service is also configuring at a specific level of the building. However, as per the requirement, there is one guest network configuration done on all floors.

Now, while the network design process begins, at that time, the prior requirement is to set-up secure network configuration. So, here to provide the secure wireless connection, SSID and password configuration is performed. The institute wants to provide DNS access for specific users, and for that, there is a need to implement one server with the DNS service configuration for staff and students. On the other hand, guest users cannot get access for the DNS server.

However, the provided wireless network solution can serve 300 Mbps high-speed data transmission. Hence, on the other hand, to connect wired network there is an Ethernet CAT5e cable is used, and that can provide 1000Mbps data transmission with the security features. Thus, these are some media connections that utilizes for Abbey college infrastructure design.

However, the configuration of a separate network for different departments provided high-speed data transmission and available network connection. The configuration of the scalable network also provides efficient connectivity for the next five years of institute expansion.Thus, at last it’s too clear that updated network infrastructure can provide a highly reliable and efficient network connection. [5]


2.6 Configuration test


After the successful configuration IP allocation and different services, there is a need to check connectivity tests. Hence, it requires to restrict some users from DNS access and other services. So, below screenshots shows the appropriate test results as per mention requirements:

DNS access from host tablet:

Figure 11: DNS access from host devices

DNS access from the guest tablet:

Figure 12: DNS access from unauthorized host devices

Once the DNS access from various users is successful, then it requires checking the ping result between multiple network connections. Thus, the ping result between all networks is as per shown in below screenshot:

Figure 13: ping results between various departments





[1]G. Kiran and C. Murthy, "QoS Based Survivable Logical Topology Design in WDM Optical Networks", Photonic Network Communications, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 193-206, 2004. Available: 10.1023/b:pnet.0000012437.52492.9b.

[2]"Ground Rules of Wireless LAN Security", International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 1545-1550, 2016. Available: 10.21275/v5i3.nov162196.

[3]I. Nikolaidis, "Cisco IP routing [Book Review]", IEEE Network, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 4-5, 2002. Available: 10.1109/mnet.2002.993212.

[4]T. Support, I. Routing and T. TechNotes, "IP Addressing and Subnetting for New Users", Cisco, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/ip/routing-information-protocol-rip/13788-3.html. [Accessed: 12- May- 2020].

[5]Usr.com, 2020. [Online]. Available: http://www.usr.com/download/whitepapers/wireless-wp.pdf. [Accessed: 12- May- 2020].



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