Database Management System

Database Management System

DBMS Assignment Help

Database Management System (DBMS) is application software used to perform operations like retrieval, storage, and update of any information. DBMS is one of the tuff subjects for computer science as it includes comprehending various keywords and symbols. Writing an assignment on this topic can be lengthy and thus time-consuming. Students who come in touch with this subject for the first time experience confusion and difficulty in understanding the basics. Thus it becomes a troublemaker for them and a reason for stress due to the loss of grades. Most of the professors have the prejudice that the students are already familiar with the basics of DBMS and thus start their sessions with complex topics. Students who are shy or afraid of asking doubts may feel overwhelmed and confused by the various functions used in DBMS. This results in the submission of poor quality assignments and thus getting low grades. Our DBMS assignment help experts can help you if you are facing any problems with your DBMS assignment. We have been handling subjects like this for several years and have helped thousands of students to prepare a flawless unique assignment. We are also proud to help students achieve a top-class grade in their academics.

Database Management System (DBMS) is software consisting of a group of programs used for storing and fetching data along with following security policies to manipulate a database. It’s like having a warehouse to store your stuff and retrieve it whenever you want. If you want to retrieve any data from the database, you can give a request in the DBMS and it will instruct the OS to retrieve the data. DBMS help users and other third-party software to store and fetch data. Users can create databases according to their requirement in DBMS. It provides an interface between the software application and the data. Contact our Database Management System assignment help experts to get a top-class assignment on this topic.

Let us consider an example of a simple college database. This database is keeping information about the students, the subjects, and the marks. The particular  database has been structured into five files.

STUDENT’ file for storing data of each student

SUBJECT’ file has the data on every subject.

 ‘TEST’ the information about sections in a particular subject.

MARKS’ file contains the marks received in each test.

LECTURER’ file stores information about each instructor.

In a Database system, data elements stored in each record is defined to specify the structure of the records of each file. The use of codes is a specific scheme for representing data item values. The database will have five tables with a foreign key which will be defined among the different tables.

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Types of Database Management System

  • Relational model: Being the easiest model to represent, it is been used widely. Just like in MS Excel, the data is arranged in rows and columns, making it familiar for users and can be manipulated by SQL.
  • Hierarchical DBMS: In this type of DBMS, the data is organized in a tree-like structure. The data is depicted in parent-child relationship format, i.e. children have only one parent but parents have many children.
  • Object-Oriented Model: In this model, data is stored in the form of objects. The class structure displays the data in it. By storing the operations and values of objects, the database is defined as a collection of objects.
  • Network Model: For accessing the entities through several paths, they are organized in a graph in this model. It follows the many-to-many relationship thus allowing each child to have multiple parents.

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Characteristics of Database Management System

  • It supports a multi-user platform, i.e. multiple users can access and handle data at the same time.
  •  It supports the ACID compliance (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability)
  • Avoids verbosity and ensure security
  • DBMS arrange entities and their relations in tables.
  • Multi-user transaction processing and sharing of data.
  • Self-describing
  • Segregation of programs and data abstraction
  • Multiple views of data are supported by DBMS.
  • Suitable for both large and small businesses.
  • Seems costly but cheap in the long run.
  • Easy implementation.

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Application of Database Management System

Manufacturing: Supply chain management information, production tracking, and inventory status.

Telecommunication: for storing and retrieving monthly bills, call records, etc

HR management: Information about employees, their salaries, payrolls, and paychecks

Airlines: Information scheduling and reservation.

Universities: Registrations, student information, course, grades, etc.

Banking: Used for storing and retrieving information about customers, accounts, loans, deposits, etc.

Finance: Stock and sales information, purchase of bonds and stocks

Sales: Storing information about customers, products, and sale details.

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Disadvantage of DBMS

Along with many advantages, DBMS has some disadvantages too:

  • Though in the long run, DBMS seems cheap, in the initial stage the hardware and software are quite costly.
  • After spending a lot on the setup, training is to be given to users as the systems are often complex.
  • As it allows parallel use, loss of data, or system crash may occur.
  • Sophisticated calculations cannot be performed.
  • Storing all the information into a database can be risky because a failure or damage can lead to the complete loss of data.

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